Agriturism wellness centre.

We have opened a wellness centre, inside a farmhouse, which will give our guests a fully relaxing experience.

Our spa is a magical place, where body and mind can regenerate and where you can enjoy their harmony during your stay in the heart of the Marche region.

the hydromassage swimming pool of the farmhouse in the Marche region

Hydromassage pool

treat yourself to enchantingmoments of relaxation.

Relaxing with a bath is a pleasure for the body and the mind. The hydromassage is a pleasant treatment to detoxify and reawaken our organism.

The temperature and the movement of the water detoxify and purify the body, while also stimulating the circulatory system and metabolism.

the turkish bath of the farmhouse in the Marche region

Turkish bath

the benefits of warmthunder a starry sky.

Imagine your body enveloped in a delicate mist and your skin covered by delicate droplets. This environment, thanks to the action of steam and heat, stimulates the circulation, dissolving toxins and promoting their expulsion.

Thanks to its toning and relaxing properties, the steam bath is one of the best therapies to combat the stress and tension to which we are subjected on a daily basis.

the farmhouse sauna in the Marche region


relaxationand detoxification.

Warm, natural colours and shades of yellow and wood traversed by light characterise the atmosphere in the sauna.

Here, the high temperature (about 80-100 °C) and low humidity induce the skin to perspire, favouring vasodilation and the expulsion of toxins for a purifying and relaxing effect.

the turkish bath of the farmhouse in the Marche region

Relaxation room

and nowrelax.

Lie down on the sunbed, enjoy some fruit and herbal tea. This is your highest moment of relaxation!

After the wellness programme you have just experienced, treat yourself to an absolute break, in the relaxation room on our farm.

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